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Light and Shadow

Snow Squall Collection

I enjoy spending time at the shore with friends in the off-season when the beaches are almost deserted, parking is plentiful, and there are no crowds in the restaurants or shops that remain open year round.  It was on one such visit that I had the good fortune to witness the results of a surprise snow storm that are reflected in this collection.

I arrived in the late afternoon just as the winter storm was moving out to sea.  From my vantage point on the boardwalk it was difficult to discern the horizon; the heavy cloud cover served as a blanket where ocean met sky and the rapidly fading hazy daylight produced no shadows.  The atmosphere felt insulated, every surface, including the beach, was covered by undisturbed ice crystals and fresh snow, my footprints the only evidence of anyone treading where I had.  In the distance I saw the headlights of one car and somewhat closer a seagull in flight, barely using its wings to stay afloat in the crisp breeze.  The scene was surreal – the peace of the snow covered boardwalk and beach down to the shoreline coexisting with the power and fury of the raging surf were gorgeous reminders that although we often face extremes, we owe it to ourselves to recognize and use the space between them where balance and peace reside, just as the beautiful coasting seagull had….    

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