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You struggle, yet you achieve....every day....

Updated: May 1, 2019

But some days, I do wonder what I’ve achieved. I’ll go to my art studio to work on a piece, either new or one in process (I always have more than one in process as well as blank canvases slathered with photos I’ve shot), I sit down or walk around the piece I intend to approach, and get to work, but not always. Many times (perhaps more than I care to admit), I turn on music that I enjoy in that space and do nothing more than evaluate the surroundings and considering organizing the supplies (again) – surely some inspiration will hit me soon, right?

Some of my pieces have taken me two years to finish; I may work on a painting for seven days in a row, and then leave it alone for a few months, and then come back to it with new ideas. I leave a piece because it has taken me to a particularly emotional place and rather than push through, I have learned to take some time off, to respect the piece and give it time to come together. Invariably, when I return, I am restored and excited to approach it anew.

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