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Atmospheric Collections

Light and Shadow

Atmospheric Collection

This collection is inspired by my interest in the uncontrollable forces in our lives.  I hope that each piece will inspire you to appreciate these natural forces, to find and enjoy the beauty that they provide, to respect and wonder at their power, and to appreciate the role our actions can play as they unfold....

Seaside Snow Squall 5 - Rough Surf 009.j

Snow Squall Collection

I enjoy spending time at the shore with friends in the off-season when the beaches are almost deserted, parking is plentiful, and there are no crowds in the restaurants or shops that remain open year round.  It was on one such visit that I had the good fortune to witness the results of a surprise snow storm that are reflected in this collection.

NYC Moonlight_10 x 11 Square for website

Cityscapes Collection

I love walking along the water with a view to one of the greatest cities in the world, but this night the clouds were heavy and the moon was barely visible....a haunting beautiful scene that I could not resist capturing.

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