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When are your favorite times to paint?

I get asked this question a lot, actually. Because I have a day job, my studio time during the week is often limited to the evening. Sometimes, after a long day, I will head into the studio just to sit at the drawing table with my largest pieces of newsprint or drawing paper, close my eyes, and wait with a chunk of charcoal in my hand – that’s how some of my favorite pieces have come to fruition – no rules, no thought, no personal restrictions or limitations on the materials or the content – I just run with the freedom to produce utter crap and sometimes the results are quite surprising and pleasing.

On the weekends, I usually prefer to start working in the late morning or early afternoon, when the natural light is the best in my new attic studio space. And I often find that once I get started, I just keep going. In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to find myself in the studio well after dark. I deliberately do not have a clock in the studio so that I’m not aware of the passage of time when I’m creating.

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