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The Tragedy of Notre Dame and Hope For This Grand Beauty’s Future

I first visited Paris in April of 2009 – the city was bathed in the aroma of flowers like I have never experienced before or since. I shot this image while doing what I enjoy the most in this city of light – appreciating the splendor. I had the good fortune to visit while dear friends were on assignment there. I offer this because I had an insider’s view of the city – an opportunity to experience the beauty of the architecture, the lifestyle, and the people. If I could, I would happily make Paris a second home and I have visited often since this first experience. When I heard today of the tragic fire at Notre Dame I was deeply saddened. The loss of an historical landmark of this magnitude is crushing and my heart goes out to all who are suffering. If there is a silver lining to this tragedy, it is the swift responses of love and support. Loss is universal and

mourning is part of healing, but so is keeping alive hope and faith in the future and each other… Love conquers all and Notre Dame lives on in our hearts – I look forward to watching this grand beauty rise again!

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