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Photographic Prints

I recently heard an actor / director during an interview explain why he edited his own films. He said that after directing a few films he began to edit so that he could tell a version of the story that he envisioned one frame at a time. I was struck by that interchange because when I initially decided to produce and sell prints of my art I interviewed professional photographers and selected a very talented woman to shoot the pictures; we worked together for a number of years and she was very generous with her time and interest in supporting my goals. When I finally reached a point that I wanted to take more control of the process so that I could take all of the ideas that I had in my head and push them to their limits, she generously guided me in selecting all of the gear that I now have in my studio. Trust me, I have made a lot of mistakes but I have also experienced plenty of happy accidents that in combination have allowed me to appreciate and explore more ideas than I thought possible. While it is true that I could reproduce my art more efficiently if I continued to work with the professional photographer (I shoot between 900 - 1,000 photos of each work of art), but then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to share with you the unique outcomes that I believe add another layer to the original artwork’s story and your viewing experience. I have plenty of ideas for future photographic pieces that will build on my current collection (along with plans for new art that will foster derivative photographic works) – I hope you will enjoy watching them come to fruition!

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