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About Three Wise Men...

I intended to create a 2018 holiday piece with Lutto as the centerpiece. But as I was warming up with pencil doodles of the character, something felt different. Rather than attempt to force my original idea onto the paper, I just let the figures take shape. Once outlined, I decided that rather than illustrate the images with charcoal, as I would normally have done since I was working on paper, I chose to use acrylic paint instead (I have a habit of mismatching materials, but the risk usually works out).

I'm sure you can imagine I have more than a few versions of black, white, and grey tubes of paint in my paint box (I can’t pass an art supply store without investigating and inevitably coming home with some treasure or other). As I sorted through the tubes I found one such treasure – a unique grey manufactured by Golden called Micaceous Iron Oxide that contains “Specular Hematite Ore”. In my terms, an effervescence of sparkle – not something I would ordinarily use, but there it was, evidence of another treasure I had to have at some point in the past. I am pleased to say that this treasure added that something special that I enjoy discovering in my own pieces. In combination with the subject matter, a very special something because it is only suggested and the light must hit the piece just right to reveal the hidden surprise and complete the underlying story of new beginnings with mysteries yet to be revealed.

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