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Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

Over the weekend of February 15 - 17th I was very fortunate to attend the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.  I am a huge fan of the art form and those who can create beautiful works of body art.   I marvel at how these artists can use needles to bring to life the most amazing pieces of art on human canvas.   I enjoyed seeing an amazing array of talented artists doing what they do best - creating art for loyal fans.  I could list the artists for days, but some of those that caught my attention are:

Tim Atwell (@t_atwell) - some beautiful water color pieces Ricky Borchert  (@hatchetricky) - gothic full-body work that is hard to believe Jesse Rix (@Jesse_rix) - blew my mind with his 3-D works! Tony Scientific (@scientific11) - gorgeous black and white work Alessandravvv (@alessandravvvtattoo) - her pieces seem alive  If you aren't familiar with these artists, I encourage you to check out their Instagram pics and many of the other artists who exhibited at the event, some of them well known Ink Masters and others just as gifted but perhaps not as well know (yet).  In total, the scope of their collective talents is inspiring! 

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