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Nickname: Midnight Rider

Updated: May 1, 2019

I earned the nickname Midnight Rider after friends who appreciate my art regularly spotted me walking on winter nights wearing a long hooded velvet coat.

My day job is filled with meetings, phone calls, bright office lighting, memos, and then more meetings, followed by family obligations thereafter, as many of you can appreciate. The darkness of the night eliminates the noise and visual distractions of the day time. So when I see a tombstone, or the gates of a family cemetery plot, my mind is completely open and welcome to all sorts of ideas and inspirations.

I walk at night, alone, to help settle my mind, to hear and see the world around us from very different perspectives and this, despite being alone, is when I feel the most connected to other people and the shared experiences we all face in one way or another. I also find that I am filled with extraordinary gratitude and appreciation for all that makes us human.

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