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The inspiration for this piece rests with a beautiful haunting photograph shot by Irish photographer Bill Doyle called “Woman in Church.” I saw the print the first time on a cold winter night through the window of a tiny seasonal gallery selling works by Irish artists.  

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the photograph through the window – I was mesmerized. I could appreciate the character’s pose without knowing anything about him or her; and I could appreciate even more the intimate respect the photographer imparted on the subject – observing but not disturbing the solitary figure seeking solace in the darkness. 

As I was photographing the original piece for print I explored optional settings for exposure and light sources, among others, and I had a great time. The resulting images present the piece in an entirely new light (forgive the pun!) and I like them all. I can’t wait to continue to explore additional opportunities to take my pieces in new directions. Until then, I hope you enjoy all of the options for purchase of this piece as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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