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Pets for Vets

My goal in producing all of my art is to serve a positive purpose - to produce pieces that will ultimately support as many fine organizations as I can manage. While working in my studio on Lutto II I was thinking about a special dedication for the proceeds of the sale of this work as we approach the Memorial Day holiday.

I have the utmost respect for all of our military service men and women and their families - I grew up near two bases and the men in my family served.  When my friend "Totts" told me about the work of Pets For Vets, I knew that I had my answer.  Pets For Vets is taking strides to give shelter animals and our veterans the support and opportunities for second chances they each need and deserve. 

All of my pets have found me and I couldn't be more pleased to have learned of this organization's goals and I hope that I can do my own small part to support their good work.  To that end, from this point forward I will donate 25% of the proceeds from the sale of Lutto II prints to Pets For Vets.  Thank you in advance for your part in this effort!

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