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The mind and the brain are amazing and mysterious; separate yet intertwined. The mind is expansive and independent and much like our dreams it takes us places we may not comprehend. The brain is charged with managing the functions of the body, the engine of our being that keeps us going. Where does one stop and the other begin?  I have no answers, only questions that in some small way I do not wish to resolve, but only to ponder during quiet meditations. These meditations are not guided or forced, but a release of the constraints I impose on my focus and thoughts, the constraints that help me manage the ongoing to-do list that I’m sure you also know only too well. 

It was a meditation while working in the studio that brought this piece to fruition. I was taking a break from another piece and just wanted to relax and get my hands dirty with no particular vision or purpose in mind.  The figure in profile suggests a story that only she knows, and prefers to protect….from what I wonder? This I do not know…it is the mystery that inspires me to continue, to see what comes next with gratitude and anticipation. I hope this piece inspires you to seek mysteries, wherever they may lead.

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