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I’m often asked why none of my travel photographs include selfies...

This abandoned boat drew me into an imagined history

From the instant I see or experience something that enthralls me, I’m completely focused on my response and how in some way to translate that response later in my studio; it never occurs to me put myself in the photo; they are meant to memorialize the moment for future use. If I inject myself into the photo, it will no longer be about the piece and the memories created. In fact, the photos are intended to take me back to that moment as the observer to help restore the smells, sounds, and emotions at that very moment.

I read somewhere that adults have a decreasing attention span, mostly because we have so many choices. We change the television channel when a commercial comes on because it’s an opportunity to see what else is airing. We jump to one website while another is loading on our laptops or smart phones. We can’t even walk down the street without checking our phone to see what we might have missed. It’s just very hard to stay focused in today’s world. So I use my travels to focus my mind on staying open to my surroundings and opportunity for discovery – you never know what is just around the corner.

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