Brand New Photo Collections!

I just released 4 new photo collections that have one common theme - Gothic Architecture. Even as a child I was fascinated by the art and architecture of the the church we attended. As an adult, even after reading Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett, I still struggle to comprehend the engineering and manpower brought to bear in the construction of these amazing structures (and don't get me started on the Great Pyramids of Egypt!). According to some historians, these Gothic wonders date back to 1100s! I come from a community founded in the 1600s and even with preservation, some of those buildings are showing their age, yet these amazing Gothic structures seem impervious. Even the beautiful Notre Dame in Paris, although damaged, remains structurally sound after the tragic fire! Perhaps it is this sense of beautiful permanence that also intrigues me....we seem to live in a world where many things are deemed disposable and temporary. In truth, every action taken or not taken and words spoken or withheld have repercussions into the future. We all have but one legacy that cannot be changed after we depart this life and my hope is that through my art, including the photo collections, you may be gently reminded that a legacy of love, compassion, and gratitude are within your grasp, every day in every aspect of your life, one step at a may not be easy, but neither is building Gothic cathedrals and look at how they endure!

These collections include five 4” x 6” black and white glossy photographs, portrait and landscape orientation, matted, and ready to frame or hang in your home or office.

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