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Collector's Corner

"Sometimes when you look at a piece of artwork, it just hits you.  It can evoke many emotions.  When I meditate on Lane’s pieces, I feel the calmness of the imagery and the permanency.  This I love." -J.D.


"I have always been captivated by Lane's artwork, I think it's because of the dramatic lighting and amazing eye to detail. She treats each piece, each stroke with precision and how it will affect the overall flow of the work. Detail is key with Lane, but with the use of the soft backgrounds, it allows the viewer to focus on those details. Lane's love for her work is apparent in all of her pieces." - L.P.


"I have been following Lane’s work for many years now and am more impressed every time I see a new piece. Whether it be charcoal, oil or a photograph, Lane has a natural ability to capture an essence of life even with her subject matter.  She leans toward the dark and often misunderstood meaning of death and is able to show depth and the illuminating power of human emotion.  I’ve watched her work come alive with just a subtle hand placement or shadow.  Lane is a real talent and I’m excited to see where she goes next!" - T.C.

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